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                                                           1. You are human

                                                        2. You are reading this

                          3. You can’t say the letter “p” without separating your lips 

                                                       4. You just tried to do it

                                                6. You are laughing at yourself 

                          7. You have a smile on you face and you skipped number 5

                                   8. You checked to see if there was a number 5

                       9. You are laughing at yourself because everyone else fell for it

                         10. Now copy and paste this and see who else falls for it too

Chess? Am I good at chess!? No. I'm not good at chess frustrated

I am a pro at chess! platinumplatinumplatinumplatinumplatinum

Look at this game! A guy with a rating of over 2000 couldn't beat me!


By Resignation

Anyways, I think I'm on track to being a Grandmaster. I mean to be this good at chess and to just be a young teen, I guess I'm pretty good. Maybe I'll be a future titled player. I have many years of experience. I learned to play chess when I was 4 and my rapid rating went up by 1000 in less than a year. Challenge me if you dare.     

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                Also, I'm gonna post what I believe:

I believe in one God,
the Father almighty,
maker of heaven and earth,
 of all things visible and invisible.

I believe in one Lord Jesus Christ,
 the Only Begotten Son of God,
 born of the Father before all ages.
 God from God, Light from Light,
 true God from true God,
 begotten, not made, consubstantial with the Father;
 through him all things were made.
 For us men and for our salvation
 he came down from heaven,
 and by the Holy Spirit was incarnate of the Virgin Mary,
 and became man.
 For our sake he was crucified under Pontius Pilate,
 he suffered death and was buried,
 and rose again on the third day
 in accordance with the Scriptures.
 He ascended into heaven
 and is seated at the right hand of the Father.
 He will come again in glory
 to judge the living and the dead
 and his kingdom will have no end.

I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the giver of life,
 who proceeds from the Father and the Son,
 who with the Father and the Son is adored and glorified,
 who has spoken through the prophets.

I believe in one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church.
 I confess one Baptism for the forgiveness of sins
 and I look forward to the resurrection of the dead
 and the life of the world to come. Amen.

слава Ісусу Христу

Slava Isusu Christu

Glory to Jesus Christ

                  Slava Ukraini!                                        Glory To Ukraine