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I am living, working and studying in the UK. I have lived in Korea with my wife and son. I had lived there for three and a half years before returning back to the UK.

I love learning languages (especially Korean), composing music and of course playing chess.  I have played for Eastbourne Chess Club and I hope to return back to the club when I settle in the UK.  I have continued to play over the board with some players but chess.com has provided me to continue playing chess; I am a born again Chess player.

I have been playing chess for about 15 years on and off. I started playing chess when I taught myself the moves as a young child. Since then I have played chess for schools, local teams and, during my time in the RAF, I participated with the Combined Services Chess Association.

With chess.com I have been able to learn more about tactics, openings and end games. It provides me a chance to play chess where very few people actually play chess in Korea. I hope to continue playing chess when I return back to the UK and have created the Great British Team on chess.com.

If you wish to have a game, please send me a message.