Chess Dream Team
Dear friend, hope everything is great for you! happy.png 
YOU are welcome to join " Chess Dream Team ", an active, powerful and exemplary chess club, with ambitions and high goals!
Our key priority is the top of!
It should be noted " Chess Dream Team " is constantly increased and reinforced by players of all potential, with rating average about 1875! 
Among team members, there are strong titled players, such as the GM neurisdr, GM Rikikits, GM evgenysharapov, WGM Morshynska and many other notable players from all corners the world!
We are participating in TMCL's playoffs, we are so far invincible in this top event and we claim the Champion's title by playing with the great Team Russia! 
Also we take part in TMCL960, we are invincible in all team's matches and in a few days it will be awarded to our club the Champion's title at this great event too!
We are also the winners in PCA (Professional Chess Association) the both times we are participating here, that is for 2017 and 2018!
We are playing a leading role in all the other events we participate in!
Additionally, we have an active "Vote Chess" team, with the impressive participation of many players of every potential and a constructive dialogue often takes place into a delightful environment!
When you are feeling ready and if you want it yourself, you could take part in any type of team match you like, ie Standard, 960 and Vote Chess!
Does are you looking for the ideal place on to spend pleasantly and constructively your free time, into an environment friendly and hospitable?
If so, you have certainly come the right place! wink.png  
It would be an honor and pleasure for us YOU become the next friend, who will join the amazing Chess Dream Team!
Look forward to seeing your excellent move! 
Thank you so much!
Yours sincerely
Helen happy.png 
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