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Chess Dream Team

Chess Dream Team

Location: Somewhere on Planet Earth
Fundado: 17 feb. 2017
Miembros: 776

Hello! happy.png
YOU are welcome to join the " Chess Dream Team " , an active and exemplary chess club, with ambitions and high goals!
Our key priority is to lead this dreamy club on the top of Chess.com!
It should be noted " Chess Dream Team " is a very strong club, constantly increased and reinforced by players of all potential, with rating average about 1870 !
Among team members, there are strong titled players, eg GM Anton_Demchenko, GM neurisdr, GM JaimeSantosLatasa, GM Rikikits, GM evgenysharapov, WGM Morshynska and many other notable players from all corners the world!
We are participating in TEAM MATCH CHAMPIONSHIP LEAGUE (TMCL), TMCL960 and some other notable tournaments and we have the prospect and the strength to play a leading role in all these great events!
Additionally, we have an active "Vote Chess" team, with the impressive participation many players of every potential and a constructive dialogue often takes place into a delightful environment!
When you are feeling ready and if you want it yourself, you could play, at will, any type of game you like, ie Standard, 960 and Vote Chess!
Does are you looking for the ideal place on Chess.com to spend pleasantly and constructively your free time, into an environment friendly and hospitable?
If so, you've certainly come the right place! happy.png
It would be an honour and pleasure for us YOU become the next member of the amazing " Chess Dream Team " !
Look forward to seeing your good move!
Thank you so much!
Yours sincerely
Helen happy.png


  • En línea hace 24 minutos

    Cedrik Haskovec | Prague, Chequia

    Se unió al Club el: 13 oct. 2017

  • En línea hace 7 horas

    Eric Eggleston | Texas, Estados Unidos

    Se unió al Club el: 2 feb. 2018

  • En línea hace 2 días

    Jaime Santos Latasa | Leon, España

    Se unió al Club el: 3 sept. 2017

  • En línea hace 10 horas

    Anna Delenta | Athens, Greece, Grecia

    Se unió al Club el: 19 feb. 2017

  • En línea hace 19 horas

    Neuris Delgado Ramirez | Blumenau, Brasil

    Se unió al Club el: 30 mar. 2017

  • En línea hace 6 horas

    Helen | Grecia

    Se unió al Club el: 17 feb. 2017

  • En línea hace 10 horas

    Milad Akrami | Tehran, Irán

    Se unió al Club el: 18 feb. 2017

  • En línea hace 3 días

    Anton Demchenko | Novorossiysk, Rusia

    Se unió al Club el: 23 ene. 2018

    Sin puntuación
  • En línea hace 3 horas

    Evgeny Sharapov | Гола Пристань, Ucrania

    Se unió al Club el: 11 nov. 2017

  • En vivo

    Maxime Lagarde | Francia

    Se unió al Club el: 27 sept. 2017

  • En línea hace 2 horas

    Михаил Бисяев | Челябинск, Rusia

    Se unió al Club el: 17 feb. 2017

  • En línea hace 4 días

    Maryana Huda | España

    Se unió al Club el: 20 ago. 2017


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