Club Capablanca

392 Miembros
28 nov 2022
2 eventos jugados

During the Course of many years, I have observed that a great number of doctors, lawyers and important businessmen make a habit of visiting a chess club during the late afternoon or evening to relax and find relief from the preoccupations of their work.

                                    - Jose Raul Capablanca -

This Club, by invitation only, is Predominantly for those who enjoy one day Daily Chess with a possibility of live matches. We are looking to arrange Tournaments both within the Club as well as the possibility of playing other Clubs. League play is all so an option along with Tournament types at different ratings as the club grows. We would like a blend of different players across the rating range. You have been carefully sourced  and selected as someone who has displayed dedication, integrity and a passion for this great game and our aim is to fill this club with those likeminded players from around the globe.