Paladins Of Chess

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23 jul 2023
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As you embark on your chess journey here at, I’d like to warmly invite you to join our prestigious club, Paladins Of Chess. 🏰 Beyond a mere gathering of players, our club serves as a supportive community committed to nurturing growth, learning, and camaraderie through the noble game of chess. With over 2,500 dedicated members, we hope we can help each other.

At Paladins Of Chess, you’ll discover:

draw A friendly and inclusive community of players, spanning all skill levels from novices to titled players, eager to share their love for chess and assist each other in improvement.

📚 Regularly scheduled events, tournaments, and study sessions tailored to hone your abilities and stimulate your strategic acumen.

🤝 Opportunities to engage with fellow members, exchanging strategies, analyzing games, and forming enduring friendships both on and off the board.

🕵️‍♂️ Paladins Of Chess offers a complimentary game analysis service. You can submit up to two games per day for evaluation. Simply provide the links to the games you wish to have reviewed, and within 24 hours, you’ll receive detailed analyses. Game Review Requests - Get Detailed Analysis!

tactics Daily puzzles to challenge your skills and enrich your tactical understanding.

diamond Exclusive giveaways for memberships, available to our members, granting access to premium features and resources.  We just had a membership giveaway, and don’t worry more coming in the future! Check this forum out: Membership giveaway.

Here are some of the kind words said by our members :