Do you like Chess? Do you want to get better? Do you want to be a GM? I bet you do if you are here!


We have NM Coach-Bill in our club!! We have his videos and chess tips!! 

Let's get better at chess. Learn free from a National Master:



 Simultaneous done Saturdays by an FM!

For more info, click HERE



Please join our 24 hour arena when we have them. The top player in one of them got first with a score of 1197! (360 W 112 L 22 D)

A total of 2000+ games were played! Wouldn't you just want to join one of these and win FMs and CMs?


@Chessdemon2019 is a coach. Friend him please for coaching young prodigy!happy.png

Reasons to follow Chessdemon2019

  •  Youngest certified coach (99% sure)
  • - Kids teach kids better than adults teach kids
  • - Already have 3 years coaching experience
  • -Over half of @Chessdemons2019's friends are from this club, let's keep this record!


Motto:  "Success will stay far ahead if you try to follow it, but if you follow excellence, success will come chasing after you."


Note: We accept most club requests

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