Ever gone to a club, trying to nicely advertise your own club, when party-poopers come in and tell you no advertising and they kick you out of the club? Well guess what... THIS IS NOT THE REGULAR CLUB! In fact it's just the opposite. Along with chatting and playing many games, this club is also open to advertising, no matter what the club. Members of TAC will be pleased to join your group... just advertise right! Please join this group today!


1. No spamming

2. No advertising your club through news or forums. News is solely for me to use, and forums are for discussion about certain subjects. 

3. No mean words.

4. No banning players/ blocking players from this club without my permission

5. Only one club per day from each user can be advertised.

6. Last but not least, no asking to become admin.

You will get 3 warnings, but after you have used all 3, I will have to ban you. Once we have over 50 members, we will start season one of daily matches, so invite all of your friends!