the robloxians

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20 mar 2021
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Just the club rules:


Offenses: First offense will be a warning, Second will be a mute for 3 days, third will be a ban for a decided amount of time.


The following rules are severe rules.  Breaking them will result in an offense (or possible mute/ban).

1a.  No spamming.  Spamming can be identified as an utterly useless, completely off topic comment or note.  It can also be identified as an overly long post that has no meaning(for example, too many of the same letters).  Long posts that have meaning, such as a long explanation, are acceptable.

    1aa.  Advertisement of anything(i.e. other groups, newest "Manhood Pill", etc.)   is not allowed, unless an admin says otherwise.  Advertising in designated forums is acceptable.

2a.  No repeated asking for adminship. One ask is enough. This rule stems from the fact that in the group's youth, too many people asked for adminship.  See exception 2a for exceptions.

3a.  No swearing. 

4a.  No pornographic material.  Keep things rated PG-13 and below.

5a.  Deliberately resigning in team match games will earn you an offense.

6a.  Follow all the rules. Remember that this club is still in 



Exception 2a.  New members may not receive a strike if they ask for adminship too much.




you cannot advertise anything without the permission of super admin
no usage of bad words
no swearing
No religious comments or discussions
Don't spam
please use chat box to chat, important information will be given by notes only