Welcome to the Tactical Knights, where we have many strong, tactical, creative players.

We are currently not a very big club, but we focus on quality, not quantity, but we do care about quantity.

We are a cozy club, so relax and make yourself at home!

We will always have lots of vote chess matches and team matches going on!

The Tactical Knights is a friendly place to make friends, chat with other members or challenge someone to a game in one of our game seeking forums!

Don’t let your chance to join this club pass by you! Get yourself some trophies in The Tactical Knights and march with us as we make huge progress up the leaderboards. We are a club open to all ratings and people.

In this club, you can solve and post puzzles for trophies, exchange experiences, fight in tournaments to win trophies, play with masters, write and read interesting blogs and ask questions. We will be happy to help you!

Everyone is invited!

 We have a lot of original ideas where you won't find in any other club!

For example, the VIP system and the T-Bucks system are two examples! 

You can check the links in the private description about them if you join!

We also have some HUGE discounts on about everything!! Join now and make sure it isn't too late to grab a 90% OFF offer!!


You're a gamer and looking for a club where you can relax, make friends AND enjoy your favorite game? We have tons of them! You can play any game with our members anytime!


The knight is a very interesting piece that can cook up lots of stunning tactics!


So, are you ready to start fighting in the style of a Tactical Knight? 

After all, hundreds of other chess.com members said "yes" wink.png


**Special Offer, this week only, you will receive 10 trophies after joining!**

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