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Location: Asgard
Fundado: 22 jun. 2009
Miembros: 421
VALHALLA! Home to noble Viking warriors, fallen in battle. Abode of the Norse Gods. Valhalla (Valhöll) is the grandest of the great halls of Asgard. There, the warrior and gods feast, hunt, fight, and play chess. The mead flows like water, and the platters of food are never empty. Ruled over by the great Odin, and home to the mighty Thor, the valiant departed are transported to Valhalla by the Valkyries. Freya, the Goddess of Love & War beckons you! Come join us in the great hall. Prepare to revel in glory. We await you, mighty warriors.


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    Igor Potemin(e) | Toulouse (France), Rostov-on-Don+Tambov, Rusia

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    Edward Sanjenis | Ventura, Estados Unidos

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    Valhalla, Estados Unidos

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    Jamie de la Rosa | "Bloody marvellous", Escocia

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