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Great Chess Club earlier 05/17/21 at Eagles Kafe. Thanks to everyone that showed up especially the Russian Dude ( username: barefoot_chess_king) that's in Cleveland til the end of May visiting that was Whooping on everyone in 5 or 10 minute games OTB. Also, Welcome all the new members to this group. Thanks for joining!!!
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Joe Yun Memorial Quads (USCF Rated OTB) Sunday May 23, 2021 Entry Fees: $10 Time Control: G/30 D/5 Section: Quads based on May Supplement Ratings Prizes: 75% payout in prizes of the entry fees. Address: Panera Bread-8928 Darrow Rd, Twinsburg, OH 44087 Registration at site: 2:30PM - 2:50PM (Preferred Pre-registration) RD 1: 3:00 PM. RD 2 & 3 paired ASAP. Active USCF membership required. COVID-19 precautions: Mask required. Social distancing will be practiced. Carry your own boards a
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Hey everyone. I’m from Cleveland but I currently live in Florida. Would like to be able to keep in touch with some people when I come back home to visit, or support the club if you guys join a tournament or anything like that. Thanks!
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Your Next Move is hosting an online tournament this weekend, 5/15 and an OTB tournament on 5/29! Who's playing?!!