(Dear friends , please stop closing your accounts)








note: if u want me to play for any club battle , you should DM me for it










 , a 17 year old boy who like to play chess

My bday is on oct 20

Im a christian from India , also I don't speak Hindi which is the most used language on India

I like to make friends around the world

Other than chess.com I play roblox , if you want to add me on roblox , you can dm me anytime

I love to watch anime , my favorite anime is dragon ball , one piece

I'm a fan of horror movies

feel free to friend me and we will create unforgettable moments!

These are my most favorite chess.com friends :

@swagsaran - world's most top best friend I ever had


@mizza_pizzaa (Aka. Bumfuzzle23) - She is the best,  we both care for each other and we both promised not to close our account and stay together forever , she is my mommy/girlfriend/bestie/wifey 🥰😍

I luv u :3

@Jim-in-mochi - She is so caring and sweet and adorable my fav gugu bestie <3 I loaf yu

And I don't want our friendship to end 😭 , hope u don't leave me someday

@Sapphyrz - She is an angel directly from heaven , she is always there to share my sadness , I want to be friends with her forever

@Lisa-34  -  she is dramatically so funny lol , she is the only one who talks with me for about a whole day

@x_mylee_x - She is one of my best friend and she lives 5 km away from me

@love_sakayanagi - she is kind and a very good player , it is so good to talk to her and it feels great to play with her.

@jeslin2008 - he speaks the same language like me and always spies on my account 🤣 , he asks how did my elo increase so much whenever I get new elo

@X_Eren_07 and @Dk-77  - top best friends from north India,  also the best person who take revenge for me 

@GcBoom and @G4mbitzqueen99 - best married couple in my friendlist who are so good to me , also they are the one who played the most with we in my friendlist , 40+ matches 🤣

@mysticelora - she is a good girl , she play like a 2000 even when she is 1100


@serinalin010 - she is a good girl , she is supportive and I like to talk to her

Dead Accounts:

@miamorbellows  ,  @mizuki  ,  @vividbyte , @rose_324 , @jackson_654

This is my life on online :

2020 -> No birthday wish

2021 -> No birthday wish

2022 -> No birthday wish

2023 -> No birthday wish

2024 -> waiting

The clubs I love the most:

the night souls

Wolf gang


Average joes chess

liesa - coffee and chess cafe