Miembro Diamante

The fictional me:
I introduced chess to Europe in 822. See https://www.islamicspain.tv/arts-and-literature/ziryab-poet-of-cordoba/

The real me:
College instructor--have taught history, literature, and interdisciplinary courses ranging from Native American poetry to history of technology, from the Atlantic world to Pacific Northwest history.

Part-time chess coach in-person and online. Individuals and groups. 23 years experience that started as a parent volunteer at my son's school. 

I have coached state champions in Washington and Idaho, but most of my work has focused on lifting beginners to tournament players. My general process follows a repetitive cycle from the endgame to the opening, full games, and beginning at the end again. This process was articulated by World Champion José Raúl Capablanca in his books Chess Fundamentals and A Primer of Chess, and has been endorsed by many chess coaches since.

I regularly write about chess on my blog--nearly 1500 articles since 2007. I self-publish some of my teaching materials through Amazon.

My peak USCF rating is just under expert (1982) when I was in my 50s. Now, in my 60s, I labor to remain in USCF A Class (above 1800). I have won first place in more than two dozen USCF rated tournaments. I am also a tournament director and organizer. I have run more than 160 scholastic tournaments and serve on the committee that organizes the Washington State Elementary Chess Tournament https://wsecc.squarespace.com/