Legio XI Claudia
The eleventh and twelfth legions were recruited by the Roman general Julius Caesar for the campaign against the Helvetians in 58 BCE. Caesar also mentions this unit in his account of the battle against the Nervians, which took place in the late summer of 57. This unit must have been present at the other famous campaigns as well, such as the sieges of Bourges and Alesia. During the civil war against Caesar's fellow-triumvir and rival Pompey the Great, which broke out in January 49, the Eleventh took part in Caesar's invasion of Italy and stayed in Apulia for some time. In the spring of 48, it fought at Dyrrhachium. It was present in the battle of Pharsalus (9 August 48) and was disbanded in 45. The veterans were settled at Bovianum in Central-Italy. We are a branch of the 13th legion.
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