Ago 26, 2009
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   CHESS PLAYER'S ANTHEM  They say my chess is in a mess.... but I play on nevertheless, With my morning coffee I hope to steal... Your knights and rooks and your beloved queen, A little bit of scotch at night....I can only PRAY ... I "get it right" Don't say to me "Dear move fast" or I will make that game long  last Some play to win, some play for fun, some play slow....and I am one Well I gave up all, even smoking.. But give up CHESS???? You gotta be joking! Some say it's a "phase" that I am passing through... I nod my head and let'em think it's true But when I went to sleep last night ..... I had this dream about my knight.. For he was up and rearing, the queen on the run and screaming...(ahhhhhhh) And all the pawns were dancing, holding hands, romancing.. As they watched the rook win the fight... Those  bishops they then come together ....... with one brave pawn to face the weather... Whilst the  king he stood in solitude.... nowhere left to run...no room to move.  I WILL GET YOU SOONER OR LATER