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Last Edited: 25/02/2021

Hi Friends and Viewers,

Special Thanks to @2305A for telling to join Chess.com and I got more than 150+ interactive friends. My best friends are:





Don't feel bad if your name is not here! 


Talking about Blogging, I too a Blogger but not by Chess.com and trust 99% of people who tried my tips and Tricks are now good players so View my blog @ #Master Blogs And specially this one: How to beat GM? and How to become a GM?


I win some matches but my master Matches against my Friend in an Arena:

Clubs and Logo

And totally forgot to tell I'm a Logo Maker and also in many Clubs!! Join just in here to get free High-Five logos with discounts also!!!

If you are my bestesttttt Friend then surely join here...

I'm in many Clubs and in some clubs an important post like Admin and SA of:

-Rising Rooks-

The Dragon Chess Warriors

King Strategies 

Bio under progress.....

Thank you,