UPDATE! I have hidden a link some where in my profile. If you find it tell me where it leads and I will give you a trophy!

Hello and thank you for viewing my profile.My name is Tharin and I am 78 years old.I love all the Star Wars movies and run a group called Star wars with my good friends M-W-RThe_Chess_Ninja and BulletheadBilly. I enjoy reading quite a bit mostly sci-fi.T I enjoy listening to music by Adele and Florence and the Machine.The theme I am currently using for my profile is called "Binary!" and I created it myself.  I am willing to join most groups but I will only join if offered an admin/super admin job.But I can assure you I will serve you well as an admin/super admin.
If you would like me to join your group and be an admin/super admin here are the jobs I will do
1.Invites,  I won't send them out but I will give you many user names to invites.
2.Design a theme
3.Monitor notes and forums
4.Riddle Central
I would like to name a few members that are wonderful. Here is a list. (In no particular order)
M-W-R is a wonderful friend and a loyal admin
The_Chess_Ninja is one of the best admins on and is a great friend.
Mainline_novelty makes awesome videos.(click here to see some) And he is a good friend.
CalbaMan is a great admin that has done SO much for a countless amount of groups.
Cracko is a great sport in everygame and tournament no matter if he won of lost. And he is a great friend.
Bulletheadbilly helped Star Wars SO much and he has been one of my best friends on
Here are my favorite groups

The optimum is truly one of the best group you'll find on It is friendly active group. It welcomes any rated player. Has many many activities so there's something for everyone to enjoy. It is also run by many great admins like, CalbaMan, The_Chess_Ninja and M-W-R. Please do submit an application to join The Optimum because we would love to have you there.

#2.Star Wars

Welcomes any player and have many activities

#3 ponage.

If you know how to pone your opponents, come on in! This is the group for you! we have lots of team matches and vote chess to show our strength we have a weekly puzzle to sharpen our skills

#4 The Lords created by my good friend kgwkyle 


I guess that's it! Enjoy some music below now! Thanks for reading! :)