Jaques antique chessmen


This is a post for all those cherishing antique "Jaques" chessmen.

Please feel free to add your comments and photos on the subject.

At present, my collection of antique Jaques chessmen comprises the following sets:

1. "Anderssen" Club size, ca. 1855-1860

2. "Anderssen" Club size, ca. 1855-1860

3. "Anderssen" Club size, ca. 1855-1860

4. "Anderssen" tournament size, ca. 1855-1861

5. "Anderssen" Club size, ca. 1862-1865

6. "Anderssen" small club size (KH 10.2 cm), ca. 1862-1865

7. "Anderssen" small club size (KH 10.2 cm), 1862-1865

8. "Anderssen" small club size, ca. 1863-1865.

9."Anderssen" tournament size (unweighted), ca. 1862-1863

10. "Anderssen" tournament size, ca. 1863-1865

11. "Steinitz" tournament size, ca. 1875

12. "Zukertort" tournament size (unweighted), ca.1875

13. "Lasker" tournament size, ca. 1880-1885

14. "Pre-Hartston" tournament size, ca. 1885-1890

15. "Marshall" Club size, ca. 1900-1915

Regrettably, the photos do not bring out the beautiful patina of the boxwood pieces to the full.

Nonetheless, I consider antique Jaques chessmen the most desirable chess pieces to be collected - it is a joy to possess beautiful and prestigious chessmen such as these, and, at the same time, to possess a bit of the 19th century.

Nice very cool 😎

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Nice collection!


That’s a wonderful and prized collection! 👍


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Probably the most impressive collection of antique Jaques chessmen browsable on the internet is that of Jon Crumiller:



Beautiful collection. I'm particularly fond of the Anderssen sets as well. If you have the time and inclination, it would be amazing to see each set lined up in profile to better see the details and nuances that make each set so unique. Thank you for posting!


Thank you, Pawnerai! Yes, that is a good idea - I will try and take some additional photos of the sets in line-ups. I cannot guarantee that the colour of the boxwood pieces will come out faithfully, though.


Here are some additional photos of a few of my "Anderssen" sets:

1. "Anderssen" Club size, ca. 1855-1860

2. "Anderssen" Club size, ca. 1855-1860

3. "Anderssen" tournament size, ca. 1855-1861

4. "Anderssen" tournament size, ca. 1863-1865

I regret that the photos do not really do the beauty of the patinated boxwood pieces justice (except for the photos showing the second set of chessmen) - in reality, the boxwood pieces are not as "pale", but they have a wonderful honey hue (for a more authentic image look at the third photo of my first post here - heaven knows, how I managed to capture the real hue in that photo...).


What beauties! That Anderssen 1863-1865 is my grail. One of these days, I'll find one. thumbup

@Nakamura-Bezwinger  Thanks again for posting. This made my morning! 


Nice sets , I to like the Anderssen 1863-1865 , wink


Thank you, pawnerai!

If I may, let me give you a piece of recommendation: when looking for antique Jaques chessmen, you should not buy at ebay or from other platforms, but only purchase from reputable dealers. The two most prominent ones are Frank Camaratta ( and Tim Millard ( They frequently have sets coming up on their website, and, above all, you can contact them before purchase, they will readily give you a report on the condition of the pieces (with chessmen that old, there is certainly always some restoration work that has been done on them - in that respect, I was very fortunate with my oldest and undoubtedly most valuable set: the "Anderssen" Club size from 1855-1860, because I purchased it from a private collector who lives only some 60 miles away from my place. The set is almost in pristine condition, except for a few small hairline cracks in four of the ebony pieces, which I have had restored professionally). I have entertained contact with Frank and Tim for a few years now, and they are always ready to assist you.

If, for any reason, you find that some of your treasured pieces are in need of restoration (sometimes a set of antique chessmen has minor blemishes, even after purchase, such as small hairline cracks, especially in the ebony pieces), let me recommend the following restorer of chessmen (he is reputed to be probably the best restorer in the world, he charges $20 per piece, and if you see the outcome of what he does, you will be happy to pay that sum!): his name is Ron Fromkin (

For general information on antique "Jaques" chessmen and collecting them, you should browse the internet for Sir Alan Fersht´s guide / books.

Finally, once you have acquired a "treasure", make sure that you keep it in a room with favourable conditions (i.e. the humidity should never drop below 45%-50%, which is particularly challenging in winter!  If necessary, use a humidifier and a professional hygrometer, not a small digital one - they are absolutely unreliable - , but one with a bi-metal technology, e.g. by TROTEC - and there is a useful care sheet on the internet provided by "The House of Staunton").

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!


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Anderssen Club Sized set! I'm very envious.


IpswichMatt, I take this as a compliment! :-)


Yep. Really, really nice sets.

Do you use them? I have a Jaques Club size set that I sometimes use when I do those exercises of extensively analyzing a position without moving the pieces.

Moving the pieces is a bit dangerous with such precious sets! Of course the cat is also a hazard but nothing can be done about that.


This is an interesting one - I have never really thought about this, I must admit. Actually, I have these sets as collector´s items (although you could really play tournaments with them, what makes collecting them so appealing, I think). It is just as you say - one would be afraid that something could happen... I certainly never take these sets out of my own four walls. However, I use modern sets for my "everyday purposes" - I have a very nice "Zagreb59" set from "The House of Staunton" and a beautiful modern Staunton set from "Staunton Castle" ("Emil Kemacny").


Do you have a photo of your Jaques Club size set? I would love to see your "treasure" - from which year is your set?