Bridge is once again stalking chess. The Chess and Bridge centre in London obliges with a location and the in-house experts give an interview. Try again in 2030 boys.


Bridge looks like a fun game, and it's probably more social than chess:)


Deal me out.


So what is the big Deal with Bridge anyway ?


I don't know, but my mom says they play it at the senior center. It's a card game for old people, I guess.


there are too many bridges in chess with forum tulls living under them.


Bridge is more difficult than Chess... at beginner level anyway.

In Chess the only things you need to know in order to play are:

1) how the pieces move

2) capturing (especially with Pawns, including en passant)

3) check

4) checkmate

5) castling

6) promotion

7 the ways in which draws can occur: stalemate; insufficient material; fifty moves; threefold repetition; agreement.

Admittedly after learning these things a person may not be playing well, but they will be able to play at all. ;)


Bridge is the chess of card games. Lot of strategy, lot of opening bid systems, etc. Ever heard of the Deschappeles Coup?  He was a famous chess player that was a strong Bridge player, it is the lead of an unsupported honor to create an entry in partner's hand. 

Bridge is a little luck and a lot of skill. Good Bridge players will cream beginners no matter how the cards run. 


Chess not Bridge but maybe Backgammon.


Do they play Bridge online? Online chess has come into its' own with the dreaded CV19.


I've bought stuff from chess and bridge. They sell difficult to get books at a reasonable price.


I like the shop but a few years ago there was a chance of chess receiving government financial help, either with grants or by abolishing VAT on tournament fees and the bridge establishment tried to attach themselves to the bid. They had a battle cry "Chess and Bridge but not backgammon". I discovered that more than half of the BCF board were bridge officials as well. I challenged them in a board meeting by saying that chess could be played with the dice and backgammon could be played without the dice but bridge was just a card game. Indignant silence ensued until one of them asked how to play backgammon without the dice.