New Chess Hall Of Fame Opens


The HOF has a new display on the go entitled " Battle on the Board "( Chess during World War II ).


The new names to be added to the HOF list this year are: David Bronstein, Howard Stanton and Sonja Graf - Stevenson ( ceremonies to be held in April ). 


And I see someone has a thread where they object to Susan Polgar being inducted into the HOF. I would imagine that in time the entire Polgar family will be inducted into the HOF.


There are two "halls of fame" in St. Louis, the World Hall of Fame and the U.S. Hall of Fame.  Susan was inducted to the U.S. Hall of Fame.  

Oddly, of the 37 World Hall of Fame inductees, 11 are women. This seems rather disproportionate (and not one of them is a Polgar).  Of the 63 inductees to the U.S. Hall of Fame, 5 are women (which seems a lot saner).  Bobby Fischer and Paul Morphy are in both halls of fame.



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I guess the uscf must not be connected to the u.s.h.o.f. because it seems their feud would get in the way of having their good friend Susan in there. But how on earth could Judit Polgar be left out of the world hof?


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I think only 3 players are inducted annually


Thanks for the info.

I remember going to the chess hall of fame back when it was in Miami, Florida. For someone who was familiar with the Miami one and the one now in St. Louis, how are they similar and how are they different?