Do I have any talent for chess?



Sammy_Thechessboy wrote:

Person: "NO you do not have any talent"

OP: "You're immature and stupid... (insert more insults here)"

Person: "(insert insults)"

OP: "(insert something about IQ)"

How a common thing went in the OP's thread lol



Ok guys . Lets not beat around the bush. 

The question is : Does he have any talent for chess ? 


For yes : +1

For no : -1


I say - 1


-1 indeed


He has a higher rating than me -_- so I can't judge him

Caremn wrote:
Mashikari wrote:
Caremn wrote:

there's no "Talent" for such stuff. you just practice a lot and be good at it

There absolutely is talent involved. This is how and why the world champion often remains #1 and the #2 similar, for extended periods of time. There is some innate edge due to people's neurology and/or DNA that lets them be freakishly good at Chess vs others putting in the same effort for the same period of time.

isnt that practice? or are you implying that people who are good in chess have a special gene?

Gene(s), brain structure, hormonal balance (staying calm under pressure while also being aggressive at the same time is a rare hormonal disposition), IQ, childhood experiences affecting psychology both positively and negatively.


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