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Android Endgame Study

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    May I ask a newby question here? If it's been covered, please accept my apologies and point me to the thread!

    In short, I am looking for an android app to study endgames, and also something like the old Reinfield 1001 Combinations for "flashcard" style practice.

    The longer version, at one time I had an expert rating but I am out of practice since the early 90's and I feel like, at best, a casual player. I need to re-learn the patterns, and thought I'd start at the endgame and work backwards.  If you remember Pal Benko's column in Chess Life, that kind of study automated on a tablet would be ideal (I'm a new owner of a Nexus 7).  Does such a program exist?

    Thanks for any responses.

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    Nothing? Oh well, perhaps I'll write one.


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