Arena 3.0 Engine vs Engine


Hey guys. I got everything set up correctly for engine vs engine tournament on Areana 3.0. I watched just a few games to make sure everything is running correctly. Though i noticed something weird. For some reason White always losses even when it wins... It's quite obvious that the engine on white won both times but it counted as a loss.

Anyone have any idea on why it is doing this?


The first time I ran a tourney in Arena, I thought the very same thing.  Then I looked a little closer and all was okay. 

The reason for my initial confusion, and maybe yours, is that the default setting does not seem to be YES to "values always from white's point of view."  This is the setting that I (and many others) are used to with other GUIs.  Once I figured out where to change this, all was okay.

The setting was/is hard to find.  You might expect it to be in ENGINES - CONFIGURE ENGINE ANALYSIS OUTPUT.  But instead it's in OPTIONS - APPEARANCE - OTHER SETTINGS.

Try changing that and see if that solves your "problem."