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best analysis software for league games

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    Hi I was just wondering what people think is the best software for analysis games for mistakes?


    Does chess.com have this sort of facilitie or do i need to purchase one?

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    It does. Go to the game you want reviewing from your archive and choose computer analysis. Within an hour or two you'll get a message from chess.com letting you know that your analysis is ready.

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    is it free and can i enter games i played in real life?

  • #4

    No I don't think so, just games played on chess.com.

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    Basic members get one free analysis a week

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    so the only way to get my league games analysed would be to play them out online with someone here and then ?

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    There are many free software options for computer analysis of chess games. I would personally start with SCID (scid.sf.net).  It comes with a couple of free chess engines pre-installed, but you could install the best free one, Houdini 1.5 or Stockfish if you'd rather.

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    is there any way to analyse my games online?


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