CHESS CLOCK and a Mistery!


Let me be clear: I do not like official chess clocks (FIDE chess-DGT) which are expensive and with plenty of plastic.

I always liked German chess clocks like Rolland and Garde,  and Garde has always been the favorite chess clock.

Let’s us look to the pictures:

1 - Garde Chess Clock analog

2 - Current Chess Clock digital Garde


Well, it happens that I have a very rare Garde chess clock, if I am not mistaken the 1st digital German brand. This watch was on sale very shortly: Nº. of units reduced and then disappeared forever. Even on Ebay it is very difficult to find one . My clock have the number 36.


It is an analog and digital clock at same time, that works simultaneously on three functions: it has clockwise and normal arrow,  time digits and a time bar - Pointers in clock display. When the arrow falls, digits and bar indicate the loss of time in exactly the same time. The time sets automatically and pointers rotate freely until the desired cadence!

Let's play a Blitz game 5m ? Okay


The clock is seting! Look to the bar, The digits and to the Clockwise.


Once,  yDo you see the Time in three "fronts" ?


 have ... the tic-tac of a clock characteristic old times chess clocks!

Perfectly suited and slow and blitz games, I use it many times in training sessions.


I Love My Garde Chess Clock, but the Mistery....

Does anyone know why this watch is no longer manufactured?

Thanks for the answer!


actually, you can find this clock fairly frequently on, and pretty cheap too. Right now, someone is selling a lot of 8 such clocks here:

And there's at least 2 more available from another seller.

I have an old pre 1989 Garde and it still works great. Not as pretty as as some of the other vintage analogue wooden clocks like Koopman or Posingis, but very reliable. However, this electronic model seems very compromised and half-hearted in terms of design, and I'm not surprised in was quickly replaced by a full digital model.


The sets on ebay are of a chess club. The seller dont sell outside Germany.

Frankhelwig, Garde had a digital one -look at the pictures. I had never a problem with this clock. He works great. Garde was the trademark of some WCC.  To be honest, DGT is powerful in marketing and so on.

I think that Garde never approches to marketing and to FIFA "generals" ! And his chess clocks despite the enormous quality was surpassed by other interests not chess.

Chess pieces yes, but I'm not an expert in chess clocks. I adore my Giant Russian chess clock, my rolland, and my hungarian Mom and that's all.

Thanks for the reply.


Yes, the Hungarian Mom is very lovely too. The Russian one you mentioned is probably a copy of an old German HAC clock. Hard to find those...


Why is it always 5:55?

Can't tell if it is AM or PM tho.

I prefer the DGT tbh.


A video of this mysterious clock in action:

Thank me later. :-*

> My clock have the number 36.

Pfft. This one has the serial number 3.




The minute hand is not accurate at all, it only clicks over when a minute is up... and it can't go backwards, so if it clicks over when a minute is up, and the player plays fast enough to add another minute to the clock, the minute hand will be way off.

Seriously, what is the point in having the analogue clock component if it is not accurate??

Way prefer the DGT.


There is a reason this clock did not make it on the market. The rumor is they sold a couple of hundred only.

This clock is not suitable for serious competitive play as it severely lacks flexibility at adjusting time controls for modern FIDE tournament play.

A game in the park? A wonderful clock! Oldtimers first hate it then love it as it sets itself up automagically, no need to fetch the reading glasses between games. No cheating at setting times. The flag falls audibly with a click. Accurate. Wood. Stainless steel lever. Germany. Quality.

Have you ever pushed a button on a Garde clock? Soooooo satisfying ...



Ok... to me, satisfying is when you come back from a very hard position to win against a player rated higher than you... not pushing a button on a clock.


Oh, so true, ...

But why are you slumming here, the righteous one? This is the Chess Books & Equipment Forum, no?



What, so just because this is forum such and such, we are to just admire any piece of hardware?  Sorry but no... if a clock is lame then it should be called out as such, should it not?!


You can find Garde digital chess clocks and analog chess clocks at a new Canadian site I have the new digital clock and it is great.


They aren't made cause it is a new generation and they're trying to improve everything.


Also, mystery is spelled with a y, not an i.


Hello! This is one of those chess clock I would really love to have, but I fail so hard to find it on our market nowdays. Can anyone recommend where to look - prefferably Europe, I dont really want to pay for customs and different taxes, I have already given to the country more than I should.


I would think that a lot of players would prefer the old-style chess clock with hands, but would also insist on the ability to use the new modes that only digital clocks can handle.

I would have guessed that the reason such a clock is no longer manufactured, though, is that such a clock is many times more expensive to make than a fully digital clock - so that one could buy both a digital clock and an analog clock for the same money. If that is not true, somebody should start making such clocks right away!!

Wait: I've taken a closer look. When one of the fancy digital modes is used, the analog hands of the big dials don't move, one only sees the time on the small display in the middle. They try to make up for that with the progress bars below each time.

That is a fault, I'm afraid. If it is too expensive to put the hands under control of little motors so the analog dials can be used for the digital modes, at least give it a bigger LCD display, instead of in the middle, overtop of the analog dials. And, of course, if the Fischer-type modes don't allow modifying the amount of time extra per move, or otherwise it lacks flexibility for modes in current use, that too must be fixed.