Chess set design — playability question

loubalch wrote:

Be careful what you wish for!



Yeh, I always wonder about these kinds of sets... Surely they’re designed by non-chess players??? 

ChessLosrz wrote:

the square bases make them unique, in my opinion. i like it.


Oh, thanks! For now, I’m going to focus on the circular pieces and getting them just right. And figuring out the best way to make them real.


I did notice the edges were tapered on the corners of the square pieces and the crenellations of the queen. Hope that translates well to metal construction. 

loubalch wrote:

So much for social distancing! They couldn't find a larger piece of wood?


They had to use up a spare huge log, and so they made that chess set.

Kohpablanca wrote:
QtoQlevel3 wrote:

Will you be putting weights into the base cavitiy of the pieces and if so can I further ask you if you're going to sell any of these 3D printed sets?


My plan (though not definite) is to get these made in metal, probably aluminum, in as matte a finish as possible. If so, they’ll have plenty of weight already. I’m still scoping out costs and options for this route. Alternatively, if that isn’t viable, then I might check out getting a custom set made in wood by CB or other chess set makers. Does anyone know if Noj still make custom sets...?


I got a few pieces 3D-printed in ASA by a third party, but the costs proved a lot more than I previously assumed, at A$23 for the Pawn and A$54 for the Queen (about US$17 and US$39 respectively). This included sanding, which made the pieces much better than I was expecting. But at that price, it’s hard to see it being viable to offer these pieces 3D-printed. Makes me wonder how expensive it would be to do these in aluminum (even via CNC manufacturing, which I assume is the lowest cost route for a small / one-off order)... Hence my thinking of going with a custom wood set as an alternative. If so, then I’d definitely weight them.

You  mustve gotten them printed commercially, I get my stuff printed at a local library, making it 10 cents per gram. I paid about 40 bucks for my strategy board game.