Chess Titans?


I just joined and this is my first question. (though not the most important questions I have.)

My cousin has a Windows Vista computer and it came with a program called "Chess Titans."  He loves it.

Well, I have Windows XP and so far Chess Titans is not available for the XP. I do have Chessmaster 9000.

Have any of you played Chess Titans? How would you rank it. I had thought of getting a cheap Vista laptop just so I could play it :)  Would it be worth it?

How does it compare to Chessmaster 9000?

And by the way, I am a terrible chess player hoping to improve - that's why I joined here hoping to learn. As far as I know I do not even have a rating...



chessmaster is much much better than chess titans.

I have both and I can beat chess titans everytime on the hardest setting. As for chessmaster it is much stronger and has loads of learning features and tutorials on it. You can now also buy chessmaster 10 and grandmaster edition.


hope this helps.


Chess Titans is pretty terrible at chess.  I've only played it twice, but I'm pretty sure it just randomly gives pieces away on all difficulty levels.

It's often said that chess programs are better tactically than strategically, but Chess Titans really shows a lack of strategy - it's as if it's trying to draw by repetition, despite that your moves may be building up a position or beginning an attack (!).  Yet, it doesn't really follow through in tactics either, as far as I can tell.

I've got a Vista laptop, and if I want to play a program, I just use Winboard and Crafty. Smile


Thanks, guys. I think I will forget about Chess Titans.

What is Crafty and Winboard? Is it easy to download?



This actually got me to play Chess Titans to make sure I wasn't misremembering it.  I wasn't.  Wink







Crafty and Winboard are, respectively, a chess engine, and an interface to use such engines.  I don't have the links handy, but they should come up quickly for Googling 'crafty chess' or 'winboard chess'. Smile


Thank you. I tried to download Crafty Chess, and when I tried to extract the zip file, it "disappeared."

So I think for now I will play on Chessmaster 9000. It is such a great program and one I can learn a lot from. So I will stick with it and not get myself too spread out.



Don't go and buy a laptop just for Titans. Chessmaster software is great for everyone but I've got a freebie: NagaSkaki. It updates every now and then so it does have bugs. But the best thing about it is you can run it from a memory stick. Just google NagaSkaki.


Hello everybody.

I am a game programmer and I wrote a chess software that mimics Chess Titans but uses a real chess engine (GNUChess so far, but others can be plugged). And it runs on XP.

And it's FREE. Check it out and tell me what you think :)


Has it got 2D boards as well?


I just downloaded chess giants to my desktop. It just did not work right for me. I want to uninstall the whole thing, but there are all sorts of files and things scattered on my desktop.

There was no listing under program files or i would have uninstalled it from the control panal.

So now what do I do? just delete each item that chess giants put on my desk top? Send each one to the recycle bin?

It may be a good program, but just did not work for me.




I understand they're offering Fritz 5.3 as a free download now.....unless you're a GM already, that's all you're ever gonna need!

I have Fritz 11, but I also own an older computer that it won't run on, and I'm going to grab the earlier version today for that old box.

RandomPrecision wrote:

This actually got me to play Chess Titans to make sure I wasn't misremembering it.  I wasn't.

Gack! Thanks -- you just saved me from a trip to Patzerville!


Chess Titans isn't bad but it isn't better than chessmaster as mentioned. I remember at one point not being able to beat it on level 6 and now I can beat it on level 10 by casually moving. And it doesn't drop pieces unless you guys are like on level one or something...

Anyway, you shouldn't get a laptop just for that porgram. Chessmaster is better in that at least it has nice tutorials. If you want an engine and don't want tutorials then there are free versions of Fritz and Rybka available for download and if you like them then you may consider buying one.


does anyone else realise that this question is from September of 2008?

ItalianGame wrote:

does anyone else realise that this question is from September of 2008?

Nope. Laughing


chessmaster is better than chesstitan,,,

i've played it as well against rank's 2000 in's had though i won in the end


i play rybka 4 and made myself a engine pack

now i got 47 chess engines (starting with : rybka 4,3,2, fritz (all) , deep fritz 12 , zappa , hiarcs , collosum , gromit , etc)


and another thing , u can play shredder , rybka or fritz at ur level by playing on friend mode (u play a match against a chess engine,the computer makes ur configuration and then u can play "with yourself")


i've only beaten level 1 on chess titans once ...out of like 20 games! LOL~

how do you guys do it?!?! T_T


Yeah most people just play it on level one and then start name-calling as if they actually did something...

There are 10 difficulty levels on chess titan...