just don't buy any packages, waste money


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Tracking to see how long this lasts.

And it lives...




Has anyone ever found a fix for the ChessBase search mask bug that treats player names as a possible substring? For example, if a player's last name is "Art" the search will also return games by "Martin", "Artem", "Elmart", etc.. You get the idea. I only recently started looking at ChessBase databases again only to find that this bug present since day 1 is still present after all these years. But it's ok to charge $200+ for this POS. I don't think anyone at ChessBase has ever heard of REGEX pattern matching.

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This forum is for ChessBase not Spanish!

The title of this forum topic suggests otherwise.


I've just installed Chessbase 16. It's so vast I'm wondering where to begin trying to achieve mastery. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


Start here 


I'm a mac user and vowed many years ago I would never buy a Windows based machine. But I want to start chess lessons and the teacher says I need to get Chessbase so I want to buy a simple machine dedicated to chess study only. Can anyone recommend a simple laptop that runs Chessbase well? 


@ironosprey if you have a computer running Linux or macOS you can install Windows in a virtual machine (such as VirtualBox... it's free).


I recommend Parallels for OS X. I’ve had great success using it especially when interfacing physical devices to the Apple computer. 


@RedDragon1952  Look for the excellent book Chessbase Complete for explanations on the many ways to use Chessbase.  


I have Chessbase 16 and Fritz 17. Can I use a Repertoire that I create in Chessbase with Fritz? If so how do I do that?  Thanks.


Yes. You should be able to select Fritz from the list of engines to do the analysis for the variations throughout your repertoire. 


Thanks chessroboto but I was wanting to know if there was a way to load the repertoire that I created in Chessbase into the Fritz 17 program and use it from there. Fritz 17 has some interesting training tools and I like the interface better for playing games. 


I am a member. I played blitz and rapid. Now I want to change way of playing blitz to rapid, but I do not know how.