Computer Software for Mac


Don't waste money on 'deep' hiarcs, single core is all you need. I use a combination of Scid and Hiarcs. Really I don't think there is anything hiarcs can do that Scid can't, but Hiarcs UI is much nicer. ChessX is good as well, but a bit buggy IMO. 

I would honestly just try Scid first, and if the UI drives you crazy, look into Hiarcs.. though fair warning, Hiarcs UI can drive you crazy as well.. No right-clicking anything, no analysis while playing a match against the engine, etc..


You can of course run Fritz or whatever Chessbase app in a Windows VM. It's more full featured than SCID or Hiarcs, but Fritz has been a buggy POS since it was released. They keep adding more feature without fixing the underlying codebase. 


If you're just looking for analysis, the computer analysis on is simple and good. You're just stuck with Stockfish. If you prefer something else (I like Komodo), you're out of luck.

JamesCoons for a recently built dmg file

Scid does 90% or more of what Chessbase does, the biggest limitations being the lack of publishing features and, of course, there is nothing on the Mac for reading chessbase files. The interface takes some getting used to (which is why many don't realize all Scid does) but, frankly, so does Chessbase. Scid + the full TWIC db, which you can get for 30 euros and support TWIC at the same time + any of the many fine, free historical DBs and you are up and running with significant money left over to invest in other books, trainers, etc.

It would take years to port chessbase to the Mac. The code is likely very brittle and buggy given its age and heavily windows dependent.