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Deep Shredder 12 Mac questions.

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    I sent this to Shredder Support several days ago and haven't received a response so maybe someone here can help.

    Manual states: 
    Starts the background analysis of the program. In this mode the engine is not playing any moves. When entering moves or replaying games the engine permanently displays its evaluation of the current position and more info about the search process in the analysis window.

    My experience:
    First of all, am I correct in assuming that the GAME PROFILE is what you refer to as the "analysis window"? There is no analysis window per-se. Regardless, the only time I can get analysis is during an actual game. Replaying a game or entering moves results in no activity in the Game Profile window other than the vertical line indicating the move number. What am I doing wrong?

    Manual states:
    Analyse Game
    Shredder can automatically analyse the current game and search for mistakes.

    My experience:
    Can you please explain how this is supposed to work? I'm totally confused here so a detailed explanation would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for any help
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    Not having the Mac version, all I can do is look at the manual.

    Question 1 - You're right, it looks like there's no window named Analysis. I think he means the "Search Information" window. (You might have to tick the Engine tab inside the Search Information window, I'm not sure.) Oddly enough, in the Windows version it's called the "Engine" window.

    Question 2 - I think this is very simple. With a game already loaded, just click on the "Mode" menu, then select "Analyze Game...". Another box should pop up, and you'll have to tell it how long to analyze each move, how many moves to analyze, etc. I don't think it's any harder than that.

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    Thanks for chiming in.

    Answer 1 - Okay, I found that but there are three tabs; ENGINE which only shows which engine is running and can't be changed. BOOK MOVES which only shows win, draw, lose stats for different next moves as you play through an opening. Once you're out of book the window goes blank. ONLINE EGTB which has something to with endgames. No help there.

    Answer 2 - Okay, I think I understand those settings but that still doesn't analyse anything other than when you play a new game from the beginning.

    I think there is a considerable difference between the Mac and PC version if you can load a new game and analyse it as you replay it.

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    I don't know what to tell you. In the Windows version, as soon as I click on "Mode" and "Analysis", I start getting engine analysis in the Engine window for whatever position is on the board. And the game analysis works just spiffy, too.

    I suspect that Stefan isn't answering his e-mail because he's busy in Dortmund at the Sparkassen tournament, which will last until July 22.

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    Well, thanks for letting me know. He's always been so good about answering support questions I was worried that he was dodging me. I'll wait to see what happens after the 22nd.

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    Following up on this, Stefan did email me back and it works as advertised, I was just pulling the wrong handles and pushing the wrong buttons... so to speak.

    Escherehcs, It works as you describe yours.

    Everybody can go back to sleep now. Crisis averted.


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