FIDE Staunton Set


I've just finished turning out a new Staunton set that I'd like to share with you all. I took extra care to follow FIDE specifications for  height and styling. The King measures the standard 3.75 inches tall (9.525 cm) with a 1.5 inch base (3.81 cm), perfect for boards with 2" squares (5 cm). The dark pieces are ebonized black walnut with a satin finish. The white pieces are hard rock maple with a natural surface. Each piece is weighted and has the traditional green felt. The Knights are solid, one-piece carvings. The set comes with double Queens for Pawn promotion.

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Your sets and boards are world-class! My only quibble, and this is expressed with genuine appreciation for the artistry involved, is regarding the knights. Your other pieces are perfectly turned, but the knight doesn’t match in terms of quality or finish. 

It is most difficult piece, by far, to make - perhaps you could utilize the German knight design, which is simpler? I say this as someone who is looking  at purchasing one of your sets, as they are incredible.



I really appreciate your comments and in particular, your "quibble". This is precisely the kind of feedback I can use. I'm also excited that you are considering purchasing a set. I look forward to that. In the meantime, I'm going to follow your suggestion of the "German Knight Design." I've already downloaded several example photos and will be taking them to the shop on Monday to work on. This will be a simpler approach but one that looks entirely doable. I'd like to share with you my progress once they are presentable. 

Thanks again for taking the time to give me your helpful feedback! 



It's a beautiful set, indeed.  It reminds me in some ways of the old Horn A2 sets.

Definitely knights are *tough* to get right - and replicating them is even tougher.  I do agree with Victor that they need a bit more refinement to stand with the rest of the pieces.

[edit] As an example, I think your New Staunton white knight (ears up) with a different mane and some more shaping in the body would be a distinct improvement.


A few more thoughts, as I scrolled through your different items:

  • Your Queen’s Gambit set is extraordinary. The smaller knights in that set seem to work better, overall the set is quite attractive!
  • Good work on doing a black/ebonized finish, but something is happening that is causing a buildup of material on some pieces, disfiguring the finished product. I’m not technically competent on this, but a small adjustment should be made.
  • In your FIDE set, I’d make a small tweak to the pawns. Either make the collar a hair wider, or the ball termination a bit narrower, or something. To my eye, at least, it looks a bit blob-like without definition, and all of your other pawns (Dublin/Staunton/etc) look much different.

You are making one of the ONLY US made chess sets out there, and I applaud you for that. Not out of any nationalist sentiment, but I love seeing the craft of handmade chess pieces thrive worldwide, and not just in a couple of countries.


Many thanks again to GrandPatzerDave and VBerriz for the super helpful comments. VBerriz, I'm checking in with some local finishing experts regarding all my finishes. Hopefully they can help me figure out any issues with ebonizing. I've refined the Staunton designs for Pawns. The collet tends to add drama so widening it is a good idea. 

I especially appreciated your praise for the Queen's Gambit design. My wife inspired that set so she'll be proud!

I have to give a shout out to Jim Arnold of JimArnoldChessSets He makes wonderful, one-of-a-kind decorative chess sets. He's a superb carver. 

Again, many thanks for taking the time to comment.