Help identifying a Chavet chess set



Please can anyone help in identifying this Chavet chess set? The King stands at 3.75” and weighs approx 40 grams. One of the pawns has a wood knot. I can’t find much information on it and am not sure if it’s genuine or a reproduction set. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! 


Looks like a genuine B210. Can you recheck the king height. Vintage size 6 Chavet had a c3.65" King. Very nice. I think it's a bishop that has the knot.


Thank you Audioq! Re-checked the King height and it is 93mm with a 38mm base - It was the Bishop with the knot, had taken the photos a while back but couldn't upload. Thanks so much for your help, it's put my mind at rest happy.png


Very nice score happy.png. That's the one everyone goes crazy for lol. 


Thanks Ronbo happy.png I'd seen a few of your posts when researching the set!