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my chess book collection

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    Hey guys, Matt here, i just had surgery yesterday, and im sitting at home hopped up on vicoden, so i thought i would take this oppertunity to share my collection of chess books with my friends here on chess.com (thats you guys).

    1.Standard chess openings

    2.nunns chess openings

    3.starting out the pirc/ modern

    4.starting out the caro-kann

    5.starting out the ruy lopez

    6.starting out the nimzo indian

    7.starting out the sicilian

    8.play the french

    9. 7 ways to smash the sicilian

    10. play the sicilian kan

    11.italian games and evans gambit

    12.how to win in the chess opening

    13.pawn poewr in chess

    14.complete book of chess strategy

    15.chess strategy for the tournament player

    16.lessons in chess strategy

    17.mastering positional chess

    18.the amatures mind

    19.how to reassess your chess

    20.the reassess your chess work book

    21.the 7 deadly chess sins

    22.my system

    23.chess visualization course book I tactics

    24.chess tactics for the torunament player

    25.boby fischer teaches chess

    26.chess tactics for kids

    27.how to beat your dad at chess

    28.chess tactics work book

    29.practical chess exorcises

    30.art of attack in chess

    31.the king in jepardy

    32.chess endgame quiz

    33.just the facts

    34.silmans complete endgame course

    35.the immortal game

    36/37. comprehensive chess course vol. I & II

    38. mensa guide to chess

    39. chess players bible


    so there you have it guys, thats all the chess books i have collected over the years. feel free to critique my collection, ie wich books you think are just fat that needs to be trimmed, call me a jack @$$, or what ever. Im feeling the love today, lol.

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    If you purchase ten books a year, on the average, for 38 years, your collection will look like this:

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    I spy some old Chess Lifes even more than 38 years old, I believe.

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    Good eye.  I do have a lot of old back issues of

    "Chess Review - The Picture Chess Magazine"
    "Chess Life and Review"
    "Inside Chess"


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    The nice thing about all those books is how used they look!

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    EZap wrote:
    MrEdCollins wrote:


    If you purchase ten books a year, on the average, for 38 years, your collection will look like this:


     Is there "My 60 Memorable Games" and "The Pride and the Sorrow of Chess".

    I have a two copies of Fischer's My 60 Memorable Games, one in paperback and one in hardback (and not the butchered new algebraic edition, but the old descriptive editions) but no, I do not have a copy of Paul Morphy: The Pride and Sorrow of Chess.  

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    Mr Ed Collins , may I ask you to name those big tomes in your picture? I'm very curiouse about them. I can see one is Chess by Polgar , but I cant recognize others . Thanks
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    If you go to my website, you can see a high resolution photo of the books.

    Click the photo for a high resolution pic.  (Note that your browser might be set up to automatically scale the image to fit the page.  If so, you should turn that feature off, to see the full image.)
    I also list all of my books, by title, underneath the photo.
    The large book directly next to the "Chess - 5334 Problems, Combinations, And Games" by Laszlo Polgar is "Pal Benko - My Life, Games And Compositions" by Pal Benko.

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    Ooh...San Antonio 72...

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    I was going to be impressed with the collection until I saw Ray Keene titles in there :)

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    Good collections.

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    I also have always loved Modern Chess Opening Traps by William Lombardy.  I read that one a lot as a kid.  I need to get another copy...

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    So, where do you live and when are you not home?  ;-)

     Seriously,  I am more than a little envious.  A litle curious also: What's been read and what hasn't?


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