My NOJ Walnut Minceta Travel Setup


Hi All, Sharing my NOJ Minceta travel setup. Pretty basic, just 2x standard cloth bags from chesshouse. These bags store my unweighted walnut / maple Minceta pieces. For my board I wanted a two piece vs four and with a vertical split opposed to horizontal. My thinking is with the pawn movements I didn't want to cross a seam down the middle of the board. Also, if one side raised it wouldn't be easy to slide the pawns. I spoke to Brad from ETSY's Colorado Wood Worker and showed him a photo I got from this previous post. Only difference, I asked for Walnut and Maple. Brad started straight away and I had the board in about a week and change. When I opened the box my first reaction was WOW... Brad used some figured maple and I love the wavy patterns. Lays flat and the sides were sanded. One thing I noted that I think play's nice with the NOJ Walnut pieces is the lightness of the walnut squares on chessboard when i compare it to my other darker walnut boards. Could be me though?  To top it off, I butchered a leather throw pillow case to ensure my chessboard doesn't get scratched when I toss it in my backpack. I hope you all like the photos below... 


Very nice setup. You're a brave man to travel regularly with your NOJ set. In my experience walnut is one of the many woods that has a decent sized variance in color/hue. Sometimes even the color of the light squares (or surrounding woods) makes the walnut look different even with the cuts coming from the exact same piece of wood. I've seen NOJ walnut pieces in person @QtoQlevel3 and @OptimusBlunders and I must say they are beautiful.  I think it really works great because of the whiteness of the maple as opposed to the less white boxwood. 


Thanks @KineticPawn, I'm pretty rough with them. So far what I experienced is they don't get dented easily. None when traveling in the bags I use. I have dropped a few pieces from about 4feet on the concrete floor (small dent(s)) hardly noticeable. That Slovenian Walnut and Maple are pretty strong.  Also, I cant agree more with you in regards to the color. The different shades makes walnut unique in beauty. However, I would love to see a NOJ walnut set on a cherry chess board. I was tossed between the two when ordering w/ Brad.   


@stumOnner  Great set! Nice wood grain on that board. Walnut has a wide range of grain patterns and shades. Because of this, commissioning Walnut boards (and pieces!) can be hit or miss sometimes. I'd love to see a photo of the NOJ pieces inside the pouch all rattling around and jumbled up. I guess I'm still in the honeymoon phase of my NOJ Red Minceta. I can't do it! Hah!


I’m glad the pieces hold up well. Those bags holding Noj pieces always makes me cringe a little. That’s the OCD in me.


Great set up! The more I see older, second-hand and used sets - the less I become concerned about scratches and dings associated with use - as opposed to poor craftsmanship. I think it’s wonderful that you are travelling with such a set. Pure class.

Shaking the bags just caused half the thread to have a conniption or some to shield their eyes from the screen! 😆

@powder - lolololol, I'm waiting to hear it! But honestly I think because they are not weighted there is zero damage both board and pieces and this is treated lightly. Ive done worst, first take most of the pieces fell on the floor /: I gotta say they are pretty solid! I love these pieces <3      


@stumOnner  You had to go there. You just HAD TO SHAKE the bags. LOL  If you turn up the volume and listen closely, you can faintly hear the sound of Slovenian Angels weeping. 


Yes Yes Yes! This is how chess pieces are meant to be treated - even the nice ones! It will build patina


I say the pieces are made to be played.  shakem'up!

Note: I also refuse to put my iPhone in a protective case.  I've owned almost ever version from the very first one.  Only 1 had a very unfortunate ending.


stumOnner  life imitate film , nervousevilcryshockwink


So disrespectful!

That’s a class set up stum! Well done, hope you play some great games on it!!!

ouch @ronnieballz, I was merely just demonstrating how NOJ makes not just beautiful, but solid pieces as well. No disrespect intended. The pieces are fine, not a scratch. Right now they are sleeping in their bags, waiting for their next battle.       


Where’s the aspirin? Haha! 

Another member, @Zagryan, said his son threw a few of his Noj pieces on the concrete floor. Yikes.


Fantastic set up!


Nice King save @ 0:17! 

Your reaction time is on point. Must be bullet training.