New SquareOff devices!

Hi people, there are two new computers, more compact and more robust. One version is also faster.

Why do they need another Kickstarter? Are they still losing money?


I guess it makes easier to people to purchase a new device. And it is safer from a financial position of view.


they are also auto sensory no more pushing down on squares although I don't mind it on my grand kingdom.


This is certainly an improvement. I think the other advantages are that the devicesĀ  are more compact, robust and faster. Compact is an issue if you have space problem as I have in my apartment (I have too many collections, among others chess stuff).


Certainly an improvement in terms of functionality, but I don't dig the plastic bathtub design.


I guess this was needed to get the whole device more compact. Actually a smaller device is great if you want to bring the computer to friends to make them wonder about the pieces moving alone.


Smaller footprint, new mechanism for faster piece movements, automatic piece sensing - all welcome changes to me.

In addition to chess, the SWAP platform allows additional games to work with it aside from the usual checkers. It is bringing back the golden age of electronic board games!

I will sell the two devices I already have to buy the Swap. One of the boards I am using to teach beginners to play the game in rehab clinic. It is nice to play against the computer, everybody discuss the moves until the majority decides which is the best move. Kind of thing you can not do when humans are playing against each other.