Nintendo DS friend codes


Until Chessmaster comes out, I play the Nintendo DS cartridge "Club House Games" (differently named in Eurpoe/Asia)  which has a chess game.  The computer plays very poorly, but you can play people all over the world via the wireless feature.  My friend code is 3995 4114 4392, I'll add anyone that lets me know theirs.

I wish the Sony PSP would do that. Sony really needs to have a chessmaster version.
club house games has some glitches in the chess program, so i won't buy it. but when chessmaster ds comes out, i will most certainly bump this thread.
Hugh_T_Patterson wrote: I wish the Sony PSP would do that. Sony really needs to have a chessmaster version.

I think too. Sony really needs to make more games for PSPs.


Even though the chess is poor, I would definitely suggest Club House games for anyone, its' a very good game collection. 

It is surprising that there still is no good chess cartridge; there are at least four different DS cartridges for Shogi (Japanese chess).  I'll be visiting Japan in October, so I'm going to pick one of those up.


there were chessmasters for game boy and game boy advance...


also, check out what nintendo is developing:

Chessmaster DS comes out tomorrow. I'm gonna buy it regardless, but I am a bit worried that I haven't seen any reviews for the game. Has anyone else seen reviews?

I too would love a Chessmaster for the PSP.  I gues I have to borrow my daugthers DS to paly for now.

has anyone picked this up yet? i'm gonna go after work
My local gamestop said it wouldn't be in until tomorrow.

I received my copy for Amazon yesterday. 

Some irksome bits are the inability to change the appearance of the pieces,
and having to choose the language every time you turn it on.  An odd quirk is having to confirm or cancel each move, but it doesn't show your intended move until after you confirm or cancel it!  Luckily you can turn that "feature" off.

Hard to say much about the playing strength yet.  The game starts you out at "ELO" 600, you work your way up from there.  I'm up to 800 now, and the computer opponents are already taking time to make relatively poor moves. 

Minor complaints aside, so far I like it.  The six included chess related mini-games/puzzles are quite fun also.