NOJ Dubrovnik II or Minceta

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I am very new to and not yet savvy about responding to specific posts but i have to appreciate all the great comments with insight and suggestions so far.  Pawnerai mentions the cost at around $900 recently. Is it worth it? 

That's a question only you can answer. You can probably get a pretty nice chess set for a tenth of that price, including board. Whether it's worth paying the extra depends largely on what value you place on craftsmanship, attention to detail, knowing it was made just for you, and so on. That's not a trick question: there's no right answer. If you think that $900 is a ridiculous amount of money to spend on a chess set, that's a totally reasonable position to take. If you respect the craftsmanship but just don't like the piece design that much, that's fair too. I must admit that the Dubrovnik design is at best only my third-favourite style (behind Staunton and "Latvian"). And if such a set is worth $900 to you, that's equally reasonable.

The prevailing opinion though seems to be that in the context of the wider market, and considering the quality of NOJ sets (there aren't many, perhaps any, better workshops out there, certainly not with comparable distribution), $900 is relatively speaking good value for their sets.

Hi , You should check with NOJ the final price / As UK side you still have vat & import tax added to the shipping price % wise  , Thanks to brexit  , all in might be as much as 1k now , As in the US do not have to pay for vat + Import tax , 


Noj Dubrovnik 1950 and Minceta for me 👍🏻 Can’t go wrong with Noj sets 👌🏻