Out damn spot


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A minor point of correction man.

This account started on 31 May 2019.


Lol at this thread, I have no idea what I started, but it's hilarious!

For those who've expressed interest and offered advice, thanks and here is the result:
I ended up doing a few passes with the soap and water, letting it dry and reassessing. Unlike the joker who suggested I use a dremmel, I didn't want to abrade the surface, but in the end decided on a clean white rubber eraser to provide a little bit more friction. If you know where to look you can still make out the larger spot slightly, but it's hard to spot with the naked eye. My only concern is that renaissance wax provides a finish that is closer to a mat gloss then whatever the pieces were originally finished with as can be seen in the pictures above. I might at some point contact HOS and see what wax they use, but for now it will suffice.

To the British poster, I live in QLD by the sea, so usually quite a warm climate, but the sea air moisture does see the odd mold spots on the southern sides of houses. I would keep them on display but we've had a short rambunctious little man come to live with us recently who is liable to knock over the pieces so it's storage for now, until he gets his act together. The coffer seems to seal well, considering it's just timber and felt, perhaps I'll get some more moisture packs and give the pieces all a new coat of wax to protect against further spotting.


You've done a very good job. The idea with the rubber eraser was excellent. No material lost, no possible extra damages. And, frankly, I can't even see the remaining "ghost stain" on the magnified photos.

Matt-el wrote:

Hi Guys,

I've just noticed a pair of spots on my white Morphy King and was looking for advice on how to clean/fix it.

I have no idea what caused them, I keep this set stored in a wooden HOS coffer with some anti moisture packs thrown in. None of the other pieces have spots, it's been ages since I last looked at them but it's winter here and we have had mold spotting in the house so mold is my best guess?

Should I send this to a restorer? Can anybody recommend one in Australia?

drop this user a message @greghunt- he knows his stuff and helped me out with a chess board, he's a fellow Aussie and a great guy

Matt-el wrote:

Lol at this thread, I have no idea what I started, but it's hilarious!


Now that's the kind of OP we could use a lot more of around here. happy.png


I'm glad your pieces got restored, despite all the "advice" you got here.


Looks great!

Everything turned out great after all. Congrats! happy.png




Who would of thought a little mold would have went off the rails . LOL


That looks beautiful now, fantastic. I love the description of the "short rambunctious little man who has come to live with us recently". Yes, I don't keep any chess sets with all the pieces in my house for similar reasons. Now I hope that the spot does not return. If it does, perhaps try posting on a wood restoration site, as well as this site. While less hilarious, the answers might be more practical. Queensland looks pretty!