Post Your Chess Sets



You are chess sets.

/ Nice sets. I even like the wood one with the little wavelets on the board.


Thanks notmtwain The wood one wibble wobbles. Laughing. It would drive most crazy, but for me spinning the pieces helps me to think as I use the board to do training puzzles on. 


very nice sets.


My hope is this thread acts as a showcase for others to show their sets. 

Little off topic but I thought was ininteresting. Everyone should know this picture from the Chessmaster box. Ever wonder about the chess pieces? 

I found that they use a set called a Swarovski Chess set. Set was introduced in 1984. It was designed by Max Schreck. The glass chess board is 13 1/2 square and the chess pieces are made from clear and jet crystal. Price was somewhere in the $4000 - $7000 range.


Not an ordinary chess set but I think it's well placed here. Tri-dimensional chess set.


I wish I could post my sets but, I can't. The Blue & White marble set looks very close to the Internaional set. Thanks for posting the nice pics!


There was a thread like this a few years ago.  I have a hand full of sets that I  like but this is by far my favorite. 

I store it in this hard shell case, USCF used to sell these years ago, but I haven't seen one for sale in 15 years or more.  that's a shame b/c this one is showing it's wear and tear and I'd like to replace it with a new one.

I keep an HOS shesham wood Championship Series set in it with a genuine soft cow hide leather roll up board, Old style round button Walnut wood Duel Timer clock a score book and pencils. My wonderful wife sewed the draw string piece bags for me.

set up to play.

A close up shot of Legal's mate!

ABecause my last name is Lewis my home would not be complete wth out this SAC set combined with a Rechapados Farrer board.


More at:


hey pawpatrol. The set looked like its from Hawaii or something. Kinda "pearly shells" dance thing when one is nice set.

Sheldor66 wrote:

Not an ordinary chess set but I think it's well placed here. Tri-dimensional chess set.


That's the set from Star Trek, I think it was in a couple episodes of DS9. There's very specific rules for playing on that board, including being able to move around the raised 4-square portions!


To the OP: Do you know where I might be able to get one of those wooden wobbly sets? That looks amazing, and I want one now :P

Twinchicky wrote:

To the OP: Do you know where I might be able to get one of those wooden wobbly sets? That looks amazing, and I want one now :P

A quick look up on my phone on ebay showed this.  yukFrown

I saw it cheaper somewhere online a few days ago. When I get home i'll look up my history and update if you with any luck. 

Update: Out of stock where I saw it a few days ago......but they also have one left at amazon for $250. Seem like the cheapest you're going to find them now days.  Here's the link. Don't forget, only shows one left.


Link to the old thead like this.


holy **** I guess you must be rich with those sick chess sets OP!


Here is a more humble set. My good old trusty wood set and clock. It is simple but I love its worn look.


Jascias wrote:

First: I love chess. That out of the way. Would love to see pictures of other's beautiful sets. One thing I noticed is chess sets are like here today, gone tommorow.  I remember my grandfather having 3 wonderful sets when I was a kid. Marble, wood, and a metal one. I looked everwhere but no pic on the internet comes close to what I remember what they looked like.Its funny that way....You never know how many one of a kind chess sets there are out there because when one buys a good unique set, that set will stay in that family for years, with no posts of pictures to the internet, so no one will ever know the beauty of that chess set.

Back on topic.....I only got 3 boards, but would love to one day get a Staunton Ebony & African Padauk wood set. Really like that one. 

I needed a good wood set and this one was great for the cost. I picked blue and white for no other reason them being my favorite colors :)



The blue and white is hot. Nice set...


This next one would drive most of you nuts , but I absolutely love it. Its pretty unique for a chess set. I saw it at a furniture store in 2010. They had a going out of business sell, so got it for $100, out the door. Now their around $250 on ebay . 


This one I bought in 2007 when I was on a mission to find a nice metal Staunton set. They didn't make to many of them, and shortly after I recieved mine they discontinued the line. Its solid brass with 24k gold plate, and solid steel with Crome plate, with an italfama board from italy. Don't know the ounces but got nice heft to them.


On a curious note, Some years after acquiring the metal chess set, I was playing Chessmaster and notice this odd coincidence. The Steel Set in Chessmaster is almost identical to the design of my above metal pieces. Chessmaster grandmaster edition came out in 2007 around the same time I got my pieces. So maybe the designer worked on the game also???? That's a big maybe, but cool little trivia. 






TheEnglishConquerd wrote:

These Basic Plastic Chess Sets...have to be the Best in the World! Especially Playing in a Pub! 



Dislike.  Not enough contrast between light squares and white pieces is the major problem.  Also the dark squares are too dark for the black pieces, but that's at least almost ok.  I also hate the pieces are too big for the board (you should be able to do this with the pawns:

and still have them centered in the squares).

pawpatrol wrote:

That set looks like a thing of beauty! (:0)