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  • #481

    Hi 2Q. The Kings will be just under 3 inches when they have crowns. I paid £150, I think it's probably a fair price

  • #482

    Wow Matt, that is an awesome find!

    Oh, the stories that set looks like it could tell.

  • #483

    Hi Rsava. The seller says it was his grandmother's, and she is 101. She's had it for as long as she can remember, but obviously someone owned it before her. I've emailed the seller for any more info, at least to find out where she lived

  • #484
    2Q1C wrote:

    Sweet, like Rsava says, can't put a price on the history. H


    Yes you can - it's £150!

    There are holes where the crosses should be, so I'm going to make some which will just slot in place - not going to do anything which will affect the originality in any way. The tricky bit will be finding some wood which matches the colour. The black pieces are easy, but the white pieces are sort of toffee coloured. It's tempting to have a go at fixing the box etc but I think it would be a mistake - it's only original once, as they say on tele.

  • #485

    Thanks 2Q

  • #486

    Quite a coincidence, another set exactly the same as the one I bought has just appeared on ebay, this time as an auction:



    It's in better condition than mine, especially the box which looks to be immaculate. They've wrongly described it as 1852/55 - clearly wrong since written on the label is "Two Prize Medals Awarded 1862"!

    I'll be very, very interested to see what this sells for

  • #487
    IpswichMatt wrote:

    Bought this set off ebay, they arrived today. It's Jaques library-size set from sometime between 1862 and 1880. ("Library size" means really small - I learned today - and not the size of a library). Now I need to make crosses for both Kings. Also need a suitable board - or maybe that tbryner bloke will make me one! 



    I like your optimism....

  • #488

    Hi @tybryner,beautiful board you made

  • #489

    I've just seen this on ebay and felt that I had to share it with you people.



  • #490

    I wonder if when you checkmate your opponent, do they have to say:

    "Elvis has left the building."

  • #491

    This is an aluminum set I picked up a few years ago - looks like it might have been made by someone in a machine shop so it might well be a one of a kind.







    The kings are about 5" high - the box it is in in the first picture is a box for a gallant knight 5" set.  

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