Does someone know something about this set?



jonasvswhale wrote:

Your picture takes a long time to load.

jonasvswhale wrote:

Jon, What you are looking at is an early 20th century English Staunton-style set, most likely by Ayres. Since Ayres never signed their chess sets, Frank Camaratta calls them "so-called Ayres," or SCA for short. The design of the knights are the main clue to the manufacturer. The set looks to be unweighted, if the knight missing its felt is any indicator. The box is in sad shape, missing.its brass lock and key, as well as the felt that most likely lined it. The box also is undoubtedly English.



Thanks for the info.

They are both, the tower and the king, the ones confusing me.

Stauntonmaster wrote:

This is a normal vintage staunton chess set produced in 1940s. It is not Ayres at all as the kings, queens, pawns, and rooks are all totally different from Ayres. One boxwood knight which has a crown must be from another set. Basically, these unbranded chess sets were mass produced in the past and do not have much value. However, if the king is 4” (around 10 cm) it is not too bad and you may buy or sell it between $50 to $100 on ebay or similar sites.

It is kind of neat how creative this guy is in making up all these different false and wrong “facts”.