The Five Knights of Lockdown


These five sets were purchased through the current pandemic between March 2020 and October 2021.

In Melbourne, we have been in Lockdown six times since March 2020. Except for a few short breaks – it’s largely been social (or at least physical) isolation during that time. To manage, many of us try to find social connection in other ways. I started playing chess with a friend online and love playing the game. Further, this forum is an example of how we all connect – at least virtually - and it has helped me. So, thank you all.

Many collectors take the time post their collections. For me, it is a pleasure to view the varied and vast collections – it helps me learn, appreciate the history of the game and simply turn off from the world for a period of time as I get lost in the game.

I am not a collector or at least I did not start out to be .... simply – except for the first lockdown – I have marked each subsequent lockdown with some pieces.

Hence the title of this thread: The Five Knights of Lockdown.

I also want to acknowledge that I am fortunate to be able to purchase a few sets – so many people have lost income, livelihoods and lives and indeed, my thoughts are with friends, family and others affected.  We have all been impacted in some way but some some people more than others to be sure.

That said, I have really appreciated how this forum is largely positive and supportive (of each other) and I truly do not make any comment politically or other. Further, in this thread that I am creating - I would prefer we all don’t – there’s enough news on TV and others channels – this is an escape from that. Talking about and appreciating the game is what it is about for me. 

So... enjoy – it may not have the history and cache of some, but it is my little collection, and it makes me happy. At the end of these pictures - you will also see a box that my uncle made for me too. A wonderful way to house some sets. Any favourites ... you may ask?

Not really but the Phillipines set from Holger (@EfimLG47) has special meaning just because of its background and for meeting (virtually) the good man that sold me the pieces. Cheers. 



Sorry,but six lockdowns requires six sets.-happy.png


Great post, Powerdigit, thanks for showing us your wonderful collection.


Oh, I do like that last set, the Knights hit me just right. Well, all the pieces do but the Knights are very nice. 

Is that the set from Holger? 

Thanks @loubalch.🙏 @Rsava - yes that last set is the set from Holger - a 1972 Phillipines set - my oldest, least costly and in short, wonderful.
@magictwanger … I am done this year … maybe next… but the wallet and my family need a rest. 😊

Very nice pictures @Powderdigit. Have to wonder, without the lockdowns, would you have ventured into the virtual world? I mean, would you have become a collector? 


Nice photos! 5 sets is really a lot in such a short time. Take a break from buying and just enjoy your sets. If you are not careful you can get burned out from buying stuff. I'm sure sooner or later you will see something you like that you cannot live without.

@Wits-end - almost certainly not ….or at least not at that speed! I changed jobs in early 2020 and at my new place of work I met a great guy who is also an avid chess player with a rating around 2000. So we’d already discussed playing OTB and I joined in April 2020 (or thereabouts) but did not start playing until later in the year - during lockdown. Then I asked my wife for an early Christmas present of pieces and a board. And there it started …even ‘virtual’ is a bit rare for me … I am not on social media - albeit I do bonsai too so I connect to that world too. I think lockdown lit a global flame and The Queens Gambit possibly ignited it!

For me chess is an upside of an otherwise pretty average time.

This is good stuff mister Powder! Nice sets and boards! A few analogue clocks and a nice display cabinet and you're set happy.png

@MCH818 - totally agree - I’m not buying sets for a while now. Buying sets became ‘a thing’ in Lockdown and I am optimistic that they will end soon too. As I mentioned in another thread - 2022 will be my next purchase and probably well into that year too. As lockdowns ease my wallet will be redirected to other activities anyway.😊

And Micheal - yes - In time, I may indeed take your advice. 👍

And to complete the theme of my chess purchases in lockdown ….

My wife reminded me that the kids purchased this tee-shirt for me for Father’s Day … it always gets a mention from people when I’m out and about…


Love the T Shirt.....My kids got me one,with all of the pieces shown across the top.

It reads...."Choose Your Weapon".

Btw,I wanted to mention that those three boards you own are really superb! Such nice contrasts of woods.....You're clearly a man of good taste.


Amazing knights and a very cool shirt, too!  Tell your wife, "thanks for being so supportive".  We'd all be in some constant big trouble if it wasn't for the supportiveness (sometimes masquerading as forgiveness...) of our families.


Beautiful sets and boards. And I love the fact that each knight is so different from the others. 


Cool shirt! Anyone (chess and non-chess people) who ever watched the show will know it.


Nice threat @Powderdigit and nice collection! The first photo is about the Varese series (if I'm not wrong), this set inspired me to make the first chess pieces, pieces that ended up as a gift to my girlfriend to find something to enjoy together (and it worked happy.png)

@jacmater - thanks for the feedback and we are all better for seeing photos of your carving - what a lovely gift to make for your girlfriend.

The first set is the Shera series - very similar to Varese from a different retailer, I think. I get confused by who sells and who manufactures but I can only think that the same people carve both sets - but I may be wrong.

Also - in a separate thread, you noted not having symmetrical manes - I think that’s why I like the Philippines pieces (raw hand-carving and slightly different manes because of the human touch) and indeed, the Shera (manes carved differently on each side of the knight).


Yes, sometimes I confuse these two sets! They both look pretty similar, and the point of the non symmetrical manes and, for me, other no symmetrical sculpture aspects, gives personality to them.

P.S. I'm a bit stuck with the construction of pieces but when I have them to show I will post them on the forum


As an engineer who believes in the K.I.S.S. design principle of Keep It Simple, Stupid, I love the raw simplicity of the Philippine knights. Thank you for posting the knights of your sets.

I have a niece who teaches high school in Melbourne and has suffered through the lock downs as have you and your family. Hang in there, Brother!

I have a post about sets which I am working on for posting soon.


Congratulations @Powderdigit! A great start for a collection. I am obviously biased towards the Philippine Staunton set. Beautifully displayed!