Changing annotation output by Houdini 3 or Fritz 13.



I was having a little minor issue with SCID stopping analysis and giving a message then i would need to manually restart the analysis. Time is important to me so i thought by buying something with the Fritz interface as i have heard good things (i went for Houdini 3 standard) that my problems would be solved.

My main plan for the software was to use it to analyse my finished games. Before analysing the games with Houdini I analyse them myself, annotate them and suggest variations i see during my analysis so the engine checks these as well as the line that was played.

What i don't like is the output i am receiving.

A question to those of you familiar with the Deep Fritz or maybe Fritz interface.

When running analysis in SCID i would receive a message similar to "Houdini_15a_x64 (score 1.38 at depth 21) thinks this is a blunder" which i actually like. In Houdini 3 with Deep Fritz interface i get "but even a better move would not have saved the game"... and then it may give a variation generated by the computer with "+-" at the end signifying that white is winning..but it gives no score...

Opening the evaluation profile window shows almost nothing.. i think it doesn't read correctly.. it doesn't show evalution scores on the graph for the moves where i think it should.. say in games with 40 moves it only shows the yellow checkmate bar on move 2-3 with no other graph lines.. and no later move evaluations have been graphed.. may it have an error?

Is there a way that the evaluation scores like +1.31 or -2.52 etc can be generated and added to the annotation similar to SCID was doing for me instead of just "+-" or "=" or similar?




you would have to do analysis of the game twice to get this - once with "blunder check", which will add the numbers, and once with "full analysis" to get the commentary.


Very good. thx.

Just did a blunder check.. How do i read the numbers generated?

[1.75 Houdini 3 x64: 5...e5xd4..........lots of moves....Bc5-b6 0.08/20]

i gather that the 1.75 number at the start of the variation is the evaluation score for the game move yes?

What are the numbers at the end? in this case 0.08/20?



Yeah the 1.75 is the evaluation.

I would guess that 0.08/20 is the time and number of ply, but would have to check the manual to verify.


Do they refer to the evaluation of the engine generated variation and ply/depth maybe?

Been looking through the maual for ages for a way to alter the output and couldn't find but all i had to do was hit blunder check instead of full analysis..

Thx for your help.Very much appreciated.


I believe the 1.75 is the score for the move played, and the 0.08 is the evaluation of the alternative line shown.