Vietnam Chess set


I have researched this set and cannot find anything even remotely similar. It was given to my father about 25 years ago. 

If anyone has any clue as to where this came from I would appreciate your feedback. Not sure who the pieces represent - some are clear to me, like Richard Nixon (and I guess his wife Pat as Queen), and I recognize the Pentagon. 

Here are some photos - it's in a heavy case. Pretty big set.

No idea what the "1390 - 4976" refers to either.

Thank you - Mike.


It seems that the Pentagon pieces and the others in the same row are the  rooks with the four just above it represent the knights and bishops.


What are the pieces made from? painted plaster?


I'm not 100% sure, but I would guess painted plaster.


I'd play against the 1390 guy, but I'd get my butt kicked by the guy rated 4976!


Would you sell this set?


I would sell this set - but need an appraisal.


Never saw this set before -  really neat piece!!!   Hope we can work something out.  Whaat is size of the case?  It looks substantial.   Mike