Which is the best book for beginners


So I've recently gotten into chess (about 2 weeks or so). I've watched a lot of different videos online about how to get better and various openings that are somewhat helpful. Especially the openings, but as for the tips and fundamentals like positional chess, pawn structures, calculting, how to attack, etc. They don't really tackle the problem that head on or in detail and I was thinking of maybe buying a couple of books to really improve my grasp and understanding of the game as a whole. I'm very much still a beginner (700-800), but I really want to get better and eventually be 1800-2000ELO. Which book would be the best for beginners?


Check out Yasser Seirawan's "Play Winning Chess" series...I don't actually own his books but I constantly see them mentioned as being excellent for beginners.

Bobby Fischer teaches chess. It’s inexpensive and informative.






"Which book would be the best for beginners?"
++ Chess Fundamentals - Capablanca
In 60 pages it contains all you need to know.


I agree with the above.  If you are just getting into chess, start with Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess.  It is by far the easiest chess book to work through. 

That's not to say that the lessons themselves are easy.  Just that the lessons are very clear and do not ask you to follow a bunch of sidelines or learn a bunch of notation.


Good Chess Books for Beginners and Beyond...

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As someone who has bought and read more than a few books in an effort to get better at chess I can tell you that I think a chessable course is much better than a book. If you have to do a book, Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess is the best recommendation here. I think that if you can do the Susan Polgar Learn Chess The Right Way chessable courses you will see the best improvement. You could buy the book but I think it's better to just work through the tactics over and over. It works on a specific set of tactics and keeps doing variations of the same tactic over and over until you learn to recognize the patterns. This is by far the best way to improve at your level.

As far as other things go that are beyond tactical problems I think that this video is a good one to start with on principles of chess.

After that I think the the Six Power Moves of Chess is the next best way to improve at slow chess. But only after you have drilled thousands of EASY tactics.


Must Know Chess Concepts To Become A Strong Player written by Bidyut B Handique (Fide elo-2077)


This video by Andras Toth is worth checking out


Simple Chess: A great explanation of strategy, making it very easy to understand. You have it on YT as well:


Hi, im not good at chess, but i would love if anyone could help me improve, heres a game of mine:

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