Is there a way to access the Chess Mentor lessons after the new Lessons Update in the App?

I can see that some contents are under the “Old Lessons” section but I want to continue with the old lessons, in particular, the “Study Plan” section.
There’s link to the section on the Website but not on the App.
Of course I can use the Site to do these, but is there a way to reach them on the App?
I have the same question.

Same over here !


I don't study chess anymore but still browsed through the current stuff here. I was disappointed there wasn't chess mentor anymore. It was a great learning program. 

We now have access to the previous/old lessons.

Oh really ? On the app ? Where ? I still can't find the Study Plan.

No not the part with the studyplan, sorry. But I couldn’t find the other parts of the old lessons at first, either. But now I found them at least.

I have the old lessons - scrolling right down to the bottom of the lessons section - but I can't find the old chess mentor at all anymore.  Has it gone?

I took out a subscription specifically for these lessons. The new ones are not as good for my purposes, and basically I now feel I have wasted my money. Bring them back to the app!
Adorn_Aliment wrote:

Thank you   happy.png