Chess Mentor on Android app?


Is this idea possibly in the works?


I would think it to be possible considering that Tactics Trainer is available on the Android/iPhone but I don't think that it is being worked on at the moment. I could be wrong, however. I haven't heard anything about it being worked on.


I really hope to see it on Android and Iphone , it will help so much


Yes, since the mobile internet page of it is slow and laggy. Plus I would like a search option in the video section.


I agree. Chess Mentor on Android would be great. Please, think about it!


I would really enjoy Chess Mentor on Android, too ! 


Mentor on android would make the sites much more complete, and would allow me to get more from the site.


Works great on Galaxy Note 10.1 (Android).


Drjayinmnl, we're talking about Chess mentor here, not just the app. Are you saying you have some version that the rest of us don't?


sorry, I confused the two. Was referring to chess. com mentor.


What we need is an Android app for premium members. In the one I have now my premium membership is worthless.


I should mention that I use chess mentor on my pc and i love it and i am learning a lot of things from it but ....... (1) at times the position presented does not match the discussion or the 'solution' and (2) the presentation is unnecessarily verbose and often misleading. but one the whole 4 stars and thanks a lot for a really great training tool. 


+1 would upgrade to Diamond if chess mentor was in the app...


+1 Would upgrade if mentor is added to the App


Yeah, I'd love to have chess mentor in the app. Using the browser induces bugs, however I guess that the developers won't be updating anymore as it's a finished product and there are a lot of courses.


I did read somewhere they were working on it with their next chess. com app update. 3.0 I believe?? Let me see if I can find something.....


Just got word on Twitter from it is in fact in the work now. Would link it if I could figure out how..


That's great news.

Do they provide an expected implementation date? (I would be positively surprised if they did)

JamieKowalski wrote:

Is this idea possibly in the works?

It wasn't when you posted this thread but is on the list of things to add yes :)  No arrival date as yet sorry


Great Cool