Exploiting Typical Opening Errors


Hi everyone,

I'd love to get any feedback on my newly published course: http://www.chess.com/chessmentor/view_course.html?id=334

thanks, and I hope you enjoy!


t'was worth teh lulz so it was :)


I will require a free diamond membership for six months or so to be able to have the in depth experience with your course required to give you the deisred feedback Sam.

Thanks in advance for arranging this for me.


I recently started this course. I love it. As a beginner-intermediate there's a LOT of content for me, from opening theory to recognizing tactics that are right in front of you.

Thanks for another great addition Sam. Makes the paid membership worth it.

I also noticed you went GM, nice moves.


I went through it as soon as I saw it. It was a nice refresher and I thought well put together. I'm looking forward to a similar course for somewhat higher rated players. Thanks.


Hey Sam -- I have to agree with JFK as this was a well organized course and a nice refresher, but perhaps a little on the easy side (at least for me).  Most of these are well known tactics, and only 1 move deep. Very valuable for the novice, but I'm ready for (and anxiously awaiting) Exploiting Typical Opening Errors II - Revenge of the Merciless !!


I really enjoyed it.  I could do that kind of thing all day long.

The openings are my least favorite part of chess to study because either there's alot of memorization or you need really good positional judgment, neither of which is my strong suit.  So anything that helps with the openings is always welcome.


I've enjoyed this course a lot.

Here's a suggestion: for us beginners, it would be helpful if you gave the sequence of moves that led to the position displayed at the beginning of each lesson. Sometimes it's hard to assess a position, see the weaknesses... out of the blue. Being able to play through the moves might help.

While I do understand that more advanced players would enjoy an enhanced version of this type of course, beginners might gain a lot from a course about traps in common openings, the kind of traps advanced players with a lot of chess study know perfectly but that us novice players need to be able to spot and avoid.


Anyway, nice course!


I liked it... As a noob, I've never really studied openings, but I've seen these traps before, and it's nice to have them all in one place to review.


i liked it, but it was a little simplistic. maybe a bit harder version would be nice.


Thank you for the instructive opening course, it was helpful and the tactics were enjoyable! Only 2 suggestions:

1. Like others, I felt it was a little on the easy side. Perhaps you could make a more advanced course that would concentrate on the Queen's Gambit, using examples from your video series?

2. When you explain likely continuations, it would be helpful to include numbers in front of the moves to improve readability. E.g. "3. g3 c6 4. Bg2..." instead of just "g3 c6 Bg2."


the course is still linked in the intro for beginners but the link is broken!