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Finding tricky tactics typos

  • #1

    The latest course could do with proof reading. 

    cleans for queens

    when for win

    missing co-ordinates


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    yeah the hints aren't very helpful either

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    ExtraBold, can you please provide me with a list of the errors you found throughout the course (such as the lesson name and position where the error is). Once I have this information I will be happy to make the appropriate corrections for this Chess Mentor course. Thank you for your help.

  • #4

    I've only got to number 4 and they were everywhere in that one. ISTR some in 1-3.

  • #5

    Ok, I have gone through and tried to clean up most of the errors in the course. If anyone finds more corrections that need to be made please let me know.

  • #6

         Patzer24, I just finished the entire Chess Mentor course this year and now I am going through it again.  I have noticed some typo's, do you want me to email you
    when I find one?

  • #7

    You can message me any typos that you find. Much appreciated!

  • #8

    Number 5:

    Intro - Materially, white is down a piece in the black has time to develop he is sure to prevail.

    Later - White has only two points with a Rook, and no direct attack on the King, but black is already in a very difficult position.  [two pawns for a rook?]

    Later - Sets up a discovered check. [No - sets up a check with discovered attack on the queen]

  • #9

    Thanks ExtraBold. These mistakes have been fixed. Although the last one I believe is meant to still be "discovered check".

  • #10

    It was a white queen move to the 4th rank, so that when the white bishop moved with check, the black queen on the 4th rank would be attacked by the white queen.

    This isn't a discovered check, because it is the discovering piece not the discovered piece that will give check.

  • #11

    Right, this has also been adjusted.


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