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Master Chess Coach Needed

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    Hi all,

    1727 USCF 

    Looking for a coach to help me get into the A class / Category I arena. 


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    At your service!

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    Sorry, I'm looking for a confirmed titled player that's already a chess coach and has room for another student. Thanks,

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    Oh I thought you are looking for someone cheaper. Then I recommend Mauricio Flores: https://www.chess.com/member/mauricioflores

    I have worked with him and I believe he is the greatest coach on earth, many of his students achieved master titles. I was inspired by his teachings and I try to implement the same style when I work with my own students. He often accepts new students, but you have to be motivated and dedicated to work your butt off (believe me when I say this). Good luck

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    I am a National Master with 10+ Years of Teaching Experience, available for private and group lessons. To learn more about my chess services and general chess news, see www.premierchess.com or www.facebook.com/premierchess.


    Email me at erabin66@gmail.com or call (917)776-1306 today to set up a free 30 minute consultation or ask any questions

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    Thank you, looking.

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    I can teach you!

    1. Protect the King

    2. Checkmate the other King



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